Blue Diamond Grapple

Models: Grapple Bucket 36 Inch
Mount: Mini Universal Plate


Blue Diamond offers a the mini-series grapple both in a root grapple and a grapple bucket. These exceptionally tough grapples originated through a need for a tough yet light grapple for interior demolition. This very demanding application gave this grapple an opportunity to make a name for itself as the top in its class. Industrial grade components from the pivot pins to the cylinders make this attachment ready for the most demanding conditions.


  • Available in 3 sizes: 36" (342 lbs) 44" (358 lbs) 50" (368 lbs)
  • Includes a bolt-on-edge
  • Mounts available to fit most mini machines
  • 2000 lb lifting capacity
  • 1 year warranty

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