Blue Diamond Hydraulic Breakers

Breaker Model: HB 50


Absolute superiority is the only way to describe this breaker!

After 5 years of industry research, we began to fully understand the drastic unmet needs of the industry. The quest to develop a breaker that would satisfy these needs drove us to extremes to be able to offer technology, simplicity, reliability, ease of set up, and service support – just to name a few points. Hydraulic Breakers, also known as hammers, are an investment that can, at times, have an entire job waiting on them. Avoid downtime; choose your breaker wisely!


  • Self-regulating (No need to adjust host machine flow and pressure)
  • Monoblock design (No failure-prone tie rods holding the breaker together)
  • Quickest rebuild time in the industry (average 30 minutes)
  • Body bushings around piston (Monoblock protected in the event of piston damage)
  • Isolation layer between Monoblock and case (Noise and vibration drastically reduced)
  • None of the backpressure concerns so prevalent in the industry
  • All Blue Diamond breakers are under-water ready
  • Anti blank firing system hydraulic brake
  • 1 Accumulator with an energy recovery system
  • No re-gassing needed
  • Only two internal moving parts
  • 3 Year Warranty!

This masterpiece will outlast, outperform, and provide the highest return on investment of any breaker, period!

Breaker/Hammer Model Max Frequency B/min Energy Class FT/lbs. Max oil flow GPM Working Pressure PSI Weight LBS Bit Diameter Max Back Pressure PSI Carrier Weight LBS
HB-165 1200 500 13 1750 370 2.2 360 4,000 – 6,600
HB-210 1200 900 16 1750 500 2.5 360 6,100 – 9,900
HB-300 1100 1200 21 1750 700 2.9 360 8,800 – 15,500
HB-400 900 1500 29 1750 950 3.2 360 13,500 – 20,900
HB-530 900 1800 32 1750 1200 3.4 360 17,650 – 25,350

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What does Monoblock mean?
A. ‘Monoblock’ refers to the housing in which the piston operates. The Blue Diamond Breaker housing is one piece, so it doesn’t use 4 tie-rods to hold it together like the majority of other brands. Tie-rods are notorious for stretching and breaking, causing mass destruction to the tool.

Q. Do I really not need to adjust the flow and pressure of my machine?
A. Yes, as long as you are operating a breaker on the right size host machine. Industry-leading technology components will control incoming and outgoing flows to specified amounts.

Q. What are the sleeves inside the Monoblock for?
A. The sleeves are there to protect the Monoblock in the event of piston damage, and if damaged, they are cheap and simple to replace. The very few brands that use Monoblock technology now do not use sleeves, so a repair could cost almost as much as the breaker.

Q. Do I have to re-gas when servicing?
A. No, the accumulator can be removed as an assembly and not be disturbed; the energy recovery system keeps it from needing to be topped up!

Q. In order to have my 3-year warranty honored, do I have to have it serviced by a dealer regularly?
A. No, unless it develops an oil leak, do not take it apart at all, just grease it and use it!



At Blue Diamond Attachments, we strive to make the warranty claim process as painless as possible. Please read the notes below for a general outline of our warranty policy.

When you notice the attachment is not performing properly or is experiencing issues; Stop and call our Product Support TEAM. Our TEAM is highly experienced and can diagnose most common issues over the phone saving you diagnostic time and minimizing down time. Involving our Product Support TEAM early in the process will save you heartache and ensure you get properly compensated for the warranty repair.

To expedite the warranty process, we will need pictures of the issues and overall pictures of the condition of the attachment. These pictures should be submitted by this form at Photo documentation is required for all Warranty Claims. Warranty claims cannot be provided if there is no photo documentation of the issues.

We want to resolve issues as efficiently as possible so we will cover the cost of standard LTL freight and UPS ground shipping on warranty parts and attachments sent from the plant to the dealer or end user. Next Day Air (NDA) or any other special freight services are not covered under warranty but can be arranged at the dealer and/or end user’s expense.

The Blue Diamond Warranty TEAM is very experienced in diagnostics with common problems, and Blue Diamond will not be responsible for your time and cost prior to calling to us and discussing with our TEAM. Our knowledge of our product is extensive, and our warranty department can usually diagnose issues over the phone quickly.


Defective cylinders are covered for 12 months. Disassembly of the cylinder will void the cylinder warranty. In any event of a cylinder failure, submit a warranty claim prior to disassembly or repair. Cylinders under warranty get exchanged if found to be defective. For a cylinder claim to be granted, the defective cylinder must be returned to Blue Diamond.


The Blue Diamond Hydraulic Breaker Hammers have a three (3) year warranty policy: one year on parts and labor, and the rest on parts only. Dis-assembly of the breaker in any way may void the warranty. Please contact Blue Diamond Attachments for instructions and authorization before taking apart, to verify warranty. Bent and broken tools are not covered by warranty; see ground engaging components note below.


All Blue Diamond Brush Cutters have one year warranty on parts and labor. Dis-assembly of the cutter in any way, including the blade carrier, housing components, and/or motor, may void the warranty. Please contact Blue Diamond Attachments for instructions and authorization before taking apart to verify warranty.


All Grapples manufactured by Blue Diamond Attachments have a one (1) year warranty. Faulty cylinders are covered by warranty. Do not disassemble the faulty cylinder; it will be replaced outright under warranty coverage. Bent tines and/or bent hydraulic cylinders are not covered nor implied by warranty.


Hay Spears have a one (1) year warranty, with a two (2) year warranty on the tines against breakage from normal use. Warranty does not cover tines that have been used to prod or turn bales without being fully engaged in the bale. This will cause bending.


Blue Diamond Attachments supplies our attachments with hoses that are the proper size for most machines but because the configuration varies by manufacturer, we cannot guarantee that the hose length will be correct on every machine or for every routing. It is the responsibility of the end user to adjust the length of the hoses to fit their specific machine. It is also the responsibility of the end user to ensure the hose routing is such that the hoses will not become tangled, caught, pinched, crushed, or run over during operation. It is the end user’s responsibility to ensure that the hose routing clears pinch points and allows the attachment to move properly. Blue Diamond will not cover hose or coupler damage due to poor hose routing. There are hose extenders and hose keepers available at additional cost to accommodate machines with unique requirements.

Blue Diamond Attachments supplies most of our attachments with standard couplers and some attachments the couplers are sold separately. The coupler configuration on machines can vary by manufacturer so we cannot guarantee that the standard coupler will be correct on every application. We are willing to change couplers before the attachment leaves our facility if it is noted on the order. For applications where couplers are sold separately, they will be installed before the attachment leaves our facility if it is noted on the order. Blue Diamond Attachments is not responsible for coupler sizes after the attachment has left our facility unless a different configuration was specified at the time of order.


Blue Diamond Attachments with hydraulic motors have a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Disassembly of the motor voids the motor warranty. In the event of a motor issue, submit a warranty claim before disassembling anything to avoid the potential of voiding the motors warranty. Our product support TEAM will advise on the proper diagnostic procedure for hydraulic motors. Do not disassemble the motor. Motors under warranty get exchanged if found to be defective. Blue Diamond Attachments cannot return disassembled motors to the motor manufacture so do not disassemble the motor. There are no user serviceable internal parts available for a motor that is covered under warranty. Do not disassemble the motor. Disassembly of the motor voids the motor warranty.


Blue Diamond Pallet Forks have a one (1) year warranty. If the forks are put in an application where the weight that is lifted exceeds the fork rating, all warranty coverage will be voided. Damage due to prying or pushing (side load) is not covered by warranty. Lifting items such as boulders puts excessive force outward on the tines and may cause damage and or injury.


The Blue Diamond Stump Grinders have a one (1) year warranty policy on parts and labor. Dis-assembly of the grinder in any way, including housing components, and/or motor, may void the warranty. Please contact Blue Diamond Attachments for instructions and authorization before taking apart, to verify warranty. Broken teeth are not covered by warranty; see ground engaging components note below.


The Blue Diamond Vibratory Rollers have a 2-year warranty that covers any issues with materials or workmanship. Nothing on wear parts like hoses or shock mounts. 


Blue Diamond Thumbs have a one(1) year warranty on manufacturing defects, including weld cracks and leaking cylinders. Bent cylinders and/or bent tines/frame are not covered by warranty.


All other attachments that are not listed above, have a one (1) year warranty. This covers any manufacturing defect. Bent tines and/or bent cylinders are not covered. Ground engaging components such as blades, teeth and shanks, cutting edges are considered normal wear items and will not be covered by warranty unless it is clearly a faulty product. Any modification or alteration in any way may void the warranty on any piece. Blue Diamond Attachments, LLC reserves the right to decline any warranty claim at their discretion. Cylinders, where covered, will be replaced outright. Repacking cylinders is not covered. In case of cylinder failure, contact Blue Diamond through the warranty claim process by accepting conditions below, and a new cylinder will be shipped. We will require the faulty cylinder returned and will provide transport for it.


The Warranty registration needs to be filled out with the owner information to make the warranty valid. We will cover Blue Diamond Attachments products and/or attachments for the original purchaser, to be free from defects in material and workmanship when properly set up and operated in accordance with the recommendations.

LABOR, where covered, is typically credited to your account at $105/hour. When more than 4 hours is needed for a repair, we require an estimate before work is performed. Coverage of travel time, host machine service and repairs, diagnostics, and business downtime are neither expressed nor implied.

***PLEASE NOTE*** If you have returned to this page to claim labor on an existing warranty job, stop here. Look at your paperwork and/or emails from Blue Diamond and find the CASE number reference. Note it on your work order and submit a copy of the work order to instead. Do not re-submit your claim on this page.



Warranty Claims/ Claim Procedure

All warranty claims must be made with this link: and must include the following information:

  • Picture of the serial number(s) (stamped on the inside of the track)
  • Picture of the complete track on the machine
  • 2 Pictures of the defect
  • Picture of the work area where the machine was being operated
  • A copy of the original invoice, along with the make, model, and year of the equipment

Warranty claims should be sent to:

Exclusive Remedy

The sole and exclusive remedy for breach of this warranty shall be the repair or replacement of the defective product or part thereof, at Grizzly Rubber Tracks’ option. In no event shall Grizzly Rubber Tracks’ liability exceed the purchase price of the product.

Please call us at 866-391-6175 if you have any questions or need help with the process

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