Blue Diamond Multi-Blade

Size: 60 Inch


This highly technical blade brings a number of features together in one blade to bring a new industry leader to the market! Based on the previous model Pro series snow blade, the added functions bring more functionality to an already popular blade. By adding the trip lockout we have been able to eliminate our previous multi-purpose blade and replace it with this new hybrid. The added Oscillation allows the blade to follow the contour of the ground very effectively and it can be locked out if needed for scraping or grading. The variable down pressure design assists by keeping all 4 wheels on the ground, therefore providing better traction for heavy pushing. The steep angling feature and the tight roll of this blade combine to provide very high performance in snow, especially when doing long runs. Call today for more information!

35 Degree Angles!

Blade options

Width Height Weight Full Angle Width
60″ 30″ 515 lbs. 49.2″
72″ 30″ 560 lbs. 59″
84″ 30″ 605 lbs. 68.8″
96″ 30″ 650 lbs. 78.6″

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