McLaren DIAMOND OTT™ Tracks ( Set )

Save $655

Size: 10x16.5 ( 10" )
Requirements: No Spacers
$3,275 $3,930


The McLaren DIAMOND OTT™ tracks are the best solution for conditions that demand greater traction. The diamond-shaped bar surface creates more traction than the smooth bar design of other tracks. The angled edges really dig in to prevent slippage on wet grass, in mud, and especially when working on hills or side slopes. The open-face style allows for optimal clean out which is extremely important when working in snow and icy conditions. Our McLaren DIAMOND OTT™ tracks bite into the ground as no other over-the-tire tracks can. Equipped with a diamond-shaped bar surface and angled edges for maximum traction, the McLaren DIAMOND OTT™ tracks effortlessly prevent slippage on wet grass or in muddy and hilly terrains. Their innovative open-face style allows for easy clean out, making them the perfect choice for extreme snow and icy conditions. Count on our premium tracks to provide unparalleled performance when you need it most.

  • Size: Fits skid steer tires 10x.16.5, 12x16.5, 14x17.5
  • Application: mud, clay, wet grass, slopes, loose rock, sand, snow, and ice 
  • Main Benefit: Maximum traction 

"Ensure a 3-inch clearance by measuring the gap from the inner tire to the machine body. Additionally, inspect the boom gap and other relevant areas."

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