Grizzly™ Over the Tire Tracks 10x16.5 ( 10" ) Set

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Size: 10x16.5 ( 10" )
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Grizzly™ Over the Tire Tracks are designed to tackle the most challenging terrains. These tracks are an economical solution for skid loaders to easily go over medium-sized tree branches, gravel piles, and demolition debris. Also, you’ll gain more flotation allowing you to move more aggressively in soft soils such as mud, sand, and clay.  The Grizzly™ Over the Tire Tracks will provide serious grip and traction in rough, uneven terrains. The open double-bar design allows easy soft soils and debris displacement during normal operation.

Grizzly™ Over the Tire Tracks uses top-quality 7/16" manganese alloyed GRADE 80 long link chains which are designed for use with tires where constant wear is a significant factor — not just regular grade 70 case hardened chains that are designed for a straight pull rather than continuous movement and wear. Installation is a one-man job as they are light enough for one person to install and remove by themselves, something we consider to be a critical point. We do vigorous testing and are 100% American Made.

Please note: These are sold in standard-size wheelbases. You will need to remove chain links to fit your machine and that will require a saw or grinder. 

NOTE: Needs 2 1/2" Clearance from wheel to machine

If ordering online please include your make/model of machine in the comments


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