McLaren RUBBER OTT™ Tracks ( Set )

Save $1,650

Size: 10x16.5 ( 10" )
Requirements: No Spacers
$3,395 $5,045


McLaren RUBBER OTT™ Tracks are the most versatile skid steer tracks available. We use only high-grade, manganese-enriched steel for the base of the track and heat-treated, chromium-enriched steel for the pins and links. The replaceable rubber pads are made of highly durable, wear-resistant rubber compounds with a steel attachment plate embedded within. This combination makes the track sections virtually impenetrable, greatly reducing the chances of downtime due to flats. Unstoppable on any terrain, these tracks are built to withstand even the toughest challenges. Crafted with high-grade materials and innovative design, they'll be your go-to choice for unmatched durability and reliability. Plus, the replaceable rubber pads offer optimal performance and protection, ensuring uninterrupted work. Don't let flats slow you down when you have the ultimate in strength and longevity at your disposal.

McLaren RUBBER OTT™ Tracks: The perfect solution for using your machine on asphalt, concrete, and lawns without causing damage. Experience excellent flotation and traction in wet and sloppy conditions, while also excelling off-road.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Fits 10x16.5, 12x16.5 & 14x17.5 skid steer tires
  • Will work with either pneumatic or semi-pneumatic tires - ask about special combo pricing
  • Can be used both on-road and off-road - no need to remove them
  • Designed to travel over sensitive areas without damaging them - perfect for landscaping
  • Also available with non-marking orange pads - no black marks on concrete!

"Ensure a 3-inch clearance by measuring the gap from the inner tire to the machine body. Additionally, inspect the boom gap and other relevant areas."

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