Set of John Deere 319E Tracks 400x86x52 ( 16" ) Multi Bar Pattern

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Series: PM Series™ ( Economy Model )
Size: 400x86x52 ( 16" )
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Set of John Deere 319D Tracks 400x86x52 ( 16" ) Multi Bar Pattern

PM Series™ Track Design

The diagram below emphasizes the four major factors in design to consider when replacing rubber tracks, including features like jointless main cables and drop forged steel inserts, found on all our PM Series replacement tracks.

Grizzly PM & PR SeriesPM-Series™ Tracks (Economy)

Introducing the PM Series™ Replacement Rubber Tracks, engineered with a continuous steel coated cord wrapped around the rubber track belt, ensuring unparalleled durability with no weak points. Meeting all OEM specifications, these tracks are available in various tread patterns, including C-Lug, Multi-Bar, Staggered-Block, Straight-Bar, and Extreme Terrain.

Crafted from 100% rubber composites, PM Series™ tracks boast exceptional resistance to cutting, tearing, and cracking. As our most economical rubber track option, the PM Series™ is backed by a 2-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Convenience is key: we stock the PM Series™ in 25 of the lower 48 states, guaranteeing quick delivery or pickup. Experience reliability and affordability with PM Series™ Replacement Rubber Tracks.


  • High Wear-Resistant Rubber Compounds: Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.
  • Jointless Main Cables: Eliminate weak points for maximum strength and resilience, providing peace of mind during operation.
  • Reinforced Roller Path: Enhances stability and support, ensuring smooth operation on any terrain.
  • Metal Core Bars: Offer additional reinforcement, enhancing durability and extending the lifespan of the tracks.
  • Dropped Forged Steel Inserts: Strengthen critical components, ensuring unmatched durability and performance in the most demanding environments.
  • OEM Certified: ISO9001:2008-certified for quality assurance, guaranteeing compatibility and reliability with your machinery.
  • 2-Year Warranty: Backed by a comprehensive warranty, providing added confidence and peace of mind in your investment.

Grizzly PR Series Track Design ( Heavy Duty )

As illustrated in the diagram below, the PR Series, along with our other track styles, boasts features such as jointless main cables and dropped forged steel inserts. Additionally, it offers unique attributes like a robust casement, anti-cut rubber, and an X-Stream Roller Guard.

Grizzly Rubber Tracks PM & PR Series

Why Opt for Grizzly PR-Series™ Tracks (HD)

Discover unparalleled performance and durability with Grizzly PR Series™ rubber tracks. Engineered with precision and crafted for excellence, these tracks set new industry benchmarks, providing unmatched reliability and longevity for your machinery. From their robust casement design to their innovative jointless main cable system, every detail of the Grizzly PR Series™ tracks is meticulously designed to endure the challenges of the toughest terrains and most demanding applications. Enhanced with dropped forged steel inserts for superior strength and durability, these tracks excel in every aspect, ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime.

PR Series™ Features:

  • Anti-Cut Rubber 70% (NR): Crafted with 70% natural rubber, these tracks boast superior resistance to cutting and tearing, ensuring prolonged durability in challenging conditions.

  • Jointless Steel Cables: Engineered with a jointless steel cable system, these tracks eliminate weak points, providing maximum strength and reliability.

  • Metal Core Bars: Featuring metal core bars, these tracks offer enhanced stability and support, ensuring optimal performance in various terrains.

  • Dropped Forged Steel Inserts: The inclusion of dropped forged steel inserts results in stronger and more durable parts, enhancing overall track durability and longevity.

  • X-Stream Roller Guard: Equipped with an X-Stream roller guard, these tracks provide exceptional protection against detracking, climate corrosion, and operational downtime, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

  • Robust Casement (PR & E Series Only): The PR and E Series tracks feature a robust casement design, offering additional durability and resilience in demanding applications.

  • Meets or Exceeds all OEM Certifications: Designed to meet or exceed all OEM certifications, these tracks ensure compatibility and reliability with your machinery.

  • 2-Year Warranty: Backed by a 2-year warranty, these tracks provide peace of mind and assurance of quality and performance.

Experience the ultimate in track durability, reliability, and performance with the Grizzly PR Series™ and E Series™ rubber tracks.

Grizzly PR-Series™ Tracks: Customer Review

CNERD- Review on our PR-Series Tracks. These tracks are offerd in multiple tread patterns. Not all rubber tracks are made the same! Contact an expert for guidance  at 866.391.6175.

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Unleashing Skid Steer Potential: A Dive into Grizzly™ Rubber Tracks

Discover top-quality rubber tracks and exclusive accessories at Grizzly, where customers choose us for unbeatable next-day delivery to 37 states and a hassle-free 2-year warranty.

Measuring Rubber Tracks: Your Quick Guide by Grizzly™ Rubber Tracks

Welcome to our quick guide on measuring replacement rubber tracks for skid steers, MTLs, CTLs, and excavators, ensuring a perfect fit with just a few easy steps; for assistance, call 866.391.6175. Let's begin!

Rubber Track Accessories:

Enhance Traction and Longevity with Easy Installation

Trackbar Systems at Grizzly™

Safely Assisting Sole Operators and Field Technicians with Rubber Track Reinstallation in the Field.

Shop Trackbar Systems Here

Grizzly™ Chains for Tracks - Skid Steer Tracks and Chains

Shop Grizzly Chains for tracks here.

Enhance Safety, Traction, and Stability with Grizzly™ Chains for Tracks

Maximizing Performance: Choosing the Right Tread Pattern and Width for Your Skid Steer

Choosing the right tread pattern and width for your terrain is crucial. Wider tracks offer lower ground pressure and increased flotation, while narrower tracks provide higher ground pressure, increased traction, and a stronger grip. Some models can safely accommodate both options, but it's essential to verify compatibility before deciding. Trust our expertise and Grizzly's three different series of rubber tracks tailored to your needs to maximize your tracks' dollar per hour. Remember, improperly fitted replacement tracks can lead to traction issues, accelerated wear to undercarriage parts, detracking, and unnecessary downtime and expenses, impacting your track life. Contact us at 866.391.6175 for any questions and the best value.

Featured Tread Patterns and Applications

Below are the most popular tread patterns, along with their recommended applications and descriptions of their performance and optimal uses.

C Block Tread Pattern - Rubber Tracks

Grizzly C-Block Pattern

Grizzly C-Block Pattern™ Tracks offer versatile performance for equipment operators navigating diverse terrains. With a C-lug tread design resembling staggered blocks but featuring notched blocks forming a "C" shape, these tracks ensure superior traction and handling. The high number of cutting edges enhances performance across surfaces, making them durable and suitable for clay, mud, asphalt, concrete, gravel, and sand.

Staggered Block Tread Pattern - Grizzly Rubber Tracks

Grizzly Staggered Block Pattern

The staggered block tread, characterized by large pads in a staggered layout, stands as the most popular choice among compact track loaders. It's the factory standard for brands like Bobcat, Case, Gehl, and more. Known for its versatility, this tread excels on hot, paved surfaces and is well-suited for hard, abrasive terrains like highways and gravel. It operates smoothly, minimizes ground disruption on lawns, and is generally suitable for various surfaces, including sand, clay, dirt, mud, gravel, and asphalt.

Multi Bar Tread Pattern - Grizzly Rubber Tracks

Grizzly Multi-Bar Tread Pattern

If you frequently operate heavy equipment on wet or muddy ground conditions, the multi-bar tread is your ideal choice. Providing extreme traction akin to a straight bar but with minimal vibration, it's designed to maximize grip and minimize the risk of getting stuck in challenging terrains. Additionally, the multi-bar tread is the least likely to tear up finished turf due to its lower durometer rating, which measures the hardness of a material like rubber. This softer composition allows for smooth pivoting and operation at low or high speeds without causing damage to the underlying lawn. However, operators should note that the increased traction of the multi-bar tread may result in a rougher ride compared to staggered block or C-lug treads.

ZigZag Track Tread Pattern - Grizzly Rubber Tracks

Grizzly Zig-Zag Pattern - Grizzly- X " Top Selling Track "

For equipment operators transitioning between hard and loose surfaces, the zigzag tread pattern is the top choice, according to Ryan Kegg, the President of Grizzly, especially in our neck of the woods where snow is common. It swiftly shifts between providing a smooth ride on pavement and the necessary traction on loose ground. Unlike the straight bar design, the zigzag tread pattern ensures more even handling across various terrains and performs exceptionally well in snowy conditions, extending the capabilities and seasonality of heavy equipment.

2-Year Hassle Free Warranty

Grizzly Rubber Tracks warrants its products for 24 months from the date of purchase, offering a replacement warranty for the first portion and prorated coverage thereafter. Warranty claims can be made through our website or hassle-free via our Grizzly X mobile app, allowing you to easily submit claims and upload necessary documentation on the fly. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, improper installation or use, accidents, or unauthorized modifications or repairs. For further assistance, please call 866-391-6175.

For a full disclaimer of our warranty policy, please refer to the document found here.

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